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"#veryjazzed is, among many things, special. fundamentally, #veryjazzed is a group of makers that pool resources, ideas, and skills for each others' projects. our mission is to provide for our artists / groups wants / needs. we create relationships between the label and the artists & the artists and the artists as an interdependent community. i.e. - if someone has an interest in taking on mixing projects, we help them find artists who need engineering help that might be interested in working with them. same for visual artists. and the admin side as well. imo, this is what makes #veryjazzed special. and! we don’t just talk about it like some mid-20’s-year-olds' coffee hangs that fizzled out after a few shows / projects /posts. we have been producing projects as a community officially since 2013 (and unofficially since 2011). 


sometimes what we do looks more like a traditional label: marketing strategies, distribution, sync licensing, accounting statements, tour booking, w-9's and payouts, tour routing, and general brand development. one of our goals is to always promote our projects at the next level. it’s been almost a decade and i am proud to say, i have invested every dollar of profit back into the label / next release / next artist every single year. and most years, i just put my own hard earned money / credit (i am a musician too) into these projects. 


“indie is a lifestyle, not a genre.” - matt ellis


many of the artists we work with create special work but are limited in financial means, music business experience, and, most commonly, a platform to be witnessed and associated with. for that reason, most of the deals and contracts we make with our artists are at a 50/50 split for a term of 3-7 years. every deal we have ever done has been renewed once the original term has expired. i am proud of that.


every year #veryjazzed adds to what we are capable of doing. we add to the resource pool. we add to the community of people excited to create projects with us. we add to the infrastructure of the label in regards to music business. so, in the future, #veryjazzed will be a better label for our artists and for our partners than it is today."


- chase demaster, #veryjazzed founder